Union Pacific First Responder Training Opportunity

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February 14, 2024
Fire Department Quick Reference Guide
UPRR - Railroad Emergency Response
Transcaer Course

Emergencies involving the railroad can strike anywhere and at any time bringing a variety of hazards for those in the impacted area. Railroaders and first responders may have to deal with such an emergency when it is least expected and proper planning 
before an emergency occurs is vital to respond effectively. Therefore, Union Pacific Railroad would like to provide the response community with the necessary information on how to prepare effectively for emergencies associated with railroad hazards, specifically when a disruption occurs.
Union Pacific would like to extend our training to the communities in which we traverse and with participation we can offer the whole community the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to help before, during and after railroad emergencies.
 In this training we aim to:
  • Enhance skills and knowledge: First responders need to have a diverse set of skills to be effective in their roles.
  • Improving decision-making skills: During emergencies, first responders need to make quick and informed decisions. Please see attachment for a Fire Department Quick Reference Guide (QRG) that has been made available by Union Pacific Railroad.
  • Promoting teamwork and collaboration: Ongoing education and training supply opportunities for first responders to work together, learn from one another, and develop stronger relationships. This collaboration can lead to more effective and efficient responses to emergencies.
Please find the attached to serve as a flyer for Union Pacific Hazardous Materials Awareness level training. This training can be conducted in person or via the online Learning Management System (LMS) which the Transcaer Course Flyer will serve as instructions. If you should have questions or to request training, please contact me directly. Training starts at the awareness level and can be extended to the technician and/or officer level through various other opportunities.
In conclusion, training with the railroad is vital in responding to emergencies with confidence, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Jesse Duplechin
Manager II of Hazardous Materials
Council Bluffs, IA
Kelli E. O'Brien, Sr. Director of Public Affairs IA MN NE
kobrien@up.com, (402) 544-3878